FREE (or Almost Free) Fun Stuff
The Seymour Marine Discovery Center
Shakespeare Santa Cruz is a summertime must see. 
Take a bus or bike to the Pacific Garden Mall
Downtown for great dining, dancing, museums and concerts, or 
do the tourist thing and grab an exciting rollercoaster ride at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!
Check out UCSC's Arts and Lectures Series for other great events!
Stroll among 1000's of Monarch Butterfly's wintering at Natural Bridges (starts in Oct)
View the University of Santa Cruz's amazing & FREE Arboretum
Have fun sailing in Santa Cruz
Try Kayaking for fun adventure
new favorite winery
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Fun Stuff to Do
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Popular Santa Cruz attractions
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Natural Bridges State Beach

Santa Cruz Wharf

Mystery Spot

Wilder Ranch State Park

University of California at Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary 

Exploration Center

UCSC Arboretum

Santa Cruz Main Beach

Santa Cruz Harbor Beach

Pleasure Point Beach

To Honor Surfing Monument

Museum of Art & History

Mark Abbot Memorial Lighthouse

Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Waddell State Beach

Cowell's Beach