Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals | Santa Cruz Vacation RentalSanta Cruz Vacation Rentals | Santa Cruz Vacation Rental
Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals | Santa Cruz Vacation RentalSanta Cruz Vacation Rentals | Santa Cruz Vacation RentalSanta Cruz Vacation Rentals | Santa Cruz Vacation Rental
Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals | Santa Cruz Vacation RentalSanta Cruz Vacation Rentals | Santa Cruz Vacation Rental
A Network of Friends with Family-Loved California Beach, Mountain & Ski Vacation Rentals now available for you to enjoy!
Santa Cruz Surf Museum Lighthouse LLC is a network of friends that provides
a unique combination of High-Tech &
High Touch Vacation Rental Listing, Reservation &
Property Management Service for Owners & Guests.

For Guests: We have created a dependable reservation service for Guests to work with Owners of Vacation Rental Homes.  This creates a “brand” which guests can depend on for unique, clean, and fun vacation rentals that is available when the potential guests want to get information, from 7am-7pm, 7-days a week from local staff, and also from 7/24/365, from a Vacation Rental co-op that is answered by clear-speaking Americans, that has all our information to answer questions.  The Guests can even reserve any of our homes at 2:00am in the morning, if that's when a Guest wants to call.  The guests can also sort and select from an easy Reservation On-Line if they prefer to do all their own searching.

For Owners: We consistantly out-performed other vacation rental managers in the number and quality of reservations each year per home.  We work to be one of our owners best Neighbors, responding to all requests for service, as quickly as possible, and to make sure their home is well-maintained and reserved as much they wish. has proven that they are available to help them and their Guests on regular and emergency basis 7/24/365.

The following are a list of items that the Guest have enjoyed, 
taken from our Guest Logs and other unsolicited emails.

Our website, has:
  1.Up-to-date calendars showing availability, 
  2.25+ photos of each home
  3.Return guest discounts!
  4.Pricelist that shows all the homes, so they can be compared easily.
  5.Current events in the main areas ie: Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe
  6.Pet Friendly listing of all homes, hyperlinked to their web-site.
  7.On-Line reservation system that reserves the home the guest likes best.  All these reservations will be
confirmed within 24 hrs, and if the home and guests are a good match, the payment will be taken to
confim the reservation.
  8.Links to ski areas showing their trail maps
  9.Links to major attractions
10.Seasonal specials
11.Searchable database showing which homes have availability during the time requested.
12.List of additional amenities with over 100 different possiblities from guests to choose from
13.Floor plans on some homes
14.Homes are indexed by areas like: Beach View, Near Beach, and In-Town
15.Some homes have FREE local, national and International Phone Service
Call anywhere* in the world and tell your friends what a fun home you
are staying at.  *List of the FREE 43-international countries available
16.Some homes have FREE wireless DSL service & Comcast service.
17.Icons on each Home’s Index square that show which home has:
a.  Hot Tub
b.  Pet Friendly Homes
c.   Homes that are better for those with allergies - no pets allowed
d.  Free FREE Local, National & International Phone Service Phone for calls
e.  DSL or Computer access
f.   Bicycles
g.  Fireplaces
h.  Game Tables, ie: Pool or Foosball
i.   Swimming Pools
j.   An Ocean View location
k.   A Beach View locatin
l.  Steam Showers
m.   Lock-off (in larger homes only)

AND information about the location like:
a.  # of Blocks to Beach
b.  # of Blocks to Lake
c.  # of Blocks to Ski lifts
. . . if with in 5-blocks, otherwise stated in 1/4 or 1/2 or 1-mile etc.

Our Services to the Guest include:
  1.Direct local contact 7am to 7pm, 7-days a week
  2.Local knowledge of each area by reservation Staff who live in the area.
  3.Direct knowledge of each home because the reservation Staff has all been there at least once
or more times a year.
  4.A network of Owners who have 2x a year meetings to get the latest information on this industry and
share stories & recommendations and sometime exchange homes.
  5.Links to local handymen and other services that might be useful for the guests
  6.Links to Activities that are available during all kinds of weather.
  7.Location maps of each home on their website that give driving directions from anywhere in the US to the home.
  8.Group photos of Owners and Staff so the Guest can see whom they are working with.
  9.Emergency phone numbers to reach a staff member 7/24/365 for answers or help.
10.Clear and simple instructions that are at each home describing how the home should be left after the stay. 
We do not require major cleaning, only that the guests leave the home the way they found it, with furniture
back in place, dishes put away, strip all used beds, start the towels washing, and most importantly that they
take all their belongings with them. will take care of the final cleaning and
sanitizing for the next guests.

We do not charge to return things, but would prefer not to have to take the 2+ hours that is necessary to:
a)  Find the item,
b)  Package it securely and
c)  Get it delivered to the right guest with the correct postage on it.

11.We maintain a binder in each home showing current activities, local attractions and how to find them as
well as links on our website.
12.Fresh flowers are left when ever possible for each set of guests and attention to small details like the
filling of the salt & pepper shakers shows our commitment to have the guest experience a home that is loved
and well-cared for.
13.After the Guests leave, we send out surveys and ask for their feedback on how they found our service,
the home and their stay in general.  These surveys do not require their names or identifying information
so Guests have complete freedom to report their experiences.  We are proud of the consistent high marks
our Staff received.
14.There are postcards that help the guests reserve the "Same Time, Next Year" at each home. 
We give our guests a "courtesy reservation" and then confirm about 6 months before arrival.
15.We also follow up with 2 or 3 times a year postcards and or emails reminding the Guests that they are entitled
to a 5% discount on any future booking.

Our Services to the Owners include:
1.Updateable website calendars that can have any dates the Owners wish to block-off done instantly
2.Good Neighbor postcards that are given to each home’s neighbors so that they have someone to call if there
is a noise or pet issue with one of our network’s homes.
3.A large Owners manual that is given to each Owner that describes how to turn a Family-Loved Vacation
            Home into a Profitable Vacation Rental.
4.Several different Service Plans to fit each Owners desire to be a lot or a little involved with the process
of renting to guests at differing commission levels.
5.A direct Advertising Plan that drives traffic to each individual Owner’s home rather than just to the main
aGreatPlaceToStay.Net’s website.
6.Twice yearly Owners meetings for networking and solution solving
7.Hours of operation 7am-7pm 7 days a week including emergency services 7/24/365
8.Monthly reports from aGreatPlaceToStay.Net including, such subjects as: Timely tips for keeping homes
well maintained, Reports from our Staff’s Meetings with County Supervisors to protect our Vacation Rental’s
Rights, Industry Events and many other subjects.
9.Opportunity for owners to track their own bookings & 24/7/365 access to their calendar on-line or
Owners can call our toll-free number & the staff will give them the current bookings
10.Access to changing your website's text of your home at any time, and we will digitally photograph any new
improvements at no additional charge at least once a year, and usually more often.
11.Our Housekeeping staff all speak clear English and the Owners can have direct access to them for any
desired changes for the way things are done, by just calling our toll free number.
12.Maintenance staff that is available on call 7-days a week to handle things so you don't have to incur an
expensive service for a minor repair.
13.Inventory photos of each home so the housekeepers can put everything back the way it was originally.
14.A county encouraged noise abatement program with First Alarm.
15.Part of a group membership with as a member in good standing with the Santa Cruz
Visitors Bureau, the Chambers of Commerce of Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, Incline Village at Lake Tahoe, 
       and others.
We are also members of the Better Business Bureau at 1-408-278-7400 and invite you to call them for our
reference information.  When we last checked, we had an A+ Rating!!
16.Monthly statements showing all of the past months bookings, all of the reservations to come (Pipeline),
a copy of all invoices and receipts for all charges to maintain the home…and a check to facilitate
receiving the large amounts of money that aGreatPlaceToStay.Net sends out to each home owner.
17.We collect and pay all county hospitality taxes that are due on each home if the homes are at the Service
              or Property Management level.
18.We provide 1099s and any additional copies of any Monthly statements that are needed.
19.We help resolve any disputes with reservations and if a double booking occurs (as they sometimes will
since both the Owner and AGPTS can be reserving Guests) we will find another home for one of the guests
within our network or with an outside source, if that is all that is available.
20.We send out surveys to each Guest after their stay and ask for their feedback on how they found our service,
the home and their stay in general.  These surveys do not require their names or identifying information so
Guests have complete freedom to report their experiences.  These surveys, after tallying, are sent to the
Owners on a bi-annual basis for their information.  We are pleased to report that our service constantly is
              reported to be at the highest levels.

We continually strive to provide the best service and lead our industry in finding innovative ways to keep our Owners and Guest more than satisfied with our service.

If you would like to consider joining our Network of Friends,  please call Judith Buck, who owns two of our
            popular homes, and she will acquaint you with the quick and easy process to join us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to reading your wonderful comments in any of our home's guest books.

Judith Buck
Mobile Phone: 1-831-212-4435
Local office: 1-866-829-6851's Network of Friends
Direct email:
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