Aptos, CA 
Topics for Owners Pre-Season Event

We are looking forward to seeing you at this unique gathering of Vacation Rental Owners in California.

My husband and I have been renting our homes since 1999
and really enjoy this twice-a-year gathering of friends who are also renting their homes.  We are a mixture of those who:
   a. Live in their homes most of the year, and just go on
         enjoyable trips when it is rented to...
   b. Those who enjoy them for short family vacations to...
   c. Those who only visit their homes, just to enjoy fixing
         them up.

You can see what we look like, at some of our last events, at:

One of the big advantages of belonging to aGreatPlaceToStay. net’s Network of Friends is the twice annually-held Owners meeting.  This coming event will be held on a Sunday, from
3-5pm in Aptos, CA.

In this short two hour event you be able to:
1.Network with a group of fellow owners who have been successfully renting their vacation homes, some for as long as 14+ years!  They are wonderful and generous people who are happy to help you with any of the challenges that can arise from owing a vacation rental home.
2.Meet all the staff of aGreatPlaceToStay. Net who you might have talked with over the phone and they will get to meet you.  Believe it or not, the kind of great people you are, is often part of our presentation to prospective guests and the more we understand how unique you are, the better we can help you rent your home!
3.See our new Owner software that is now available from our main Vacation Rental software company.  This software will enable you to get a statement any time for any time period you are interested in, instead of having to wait for our monthly statements.  Your statements will still be arriving with your checks, but with this new Owners software you have 24/7/365 access to not only your statements, but also for putting in your own stays or maintenance times etc without having to call us.  Of course, we are always happy to hear from you and help you get these times blocked off, if you think of them when you are not near a computer.
4.Meet Laura Biche’, a long time friend of ours and Mortgage Broker extraordinaire, who has wonderful new loan product that (in one case) will pay off a mortgage 13 years faster than was scheduled, without having to put any more money towards the paying the loan each month than is currently being paid! Sounds to good to be true, yes, but it’s for real, you can call her at 1 650-922-0824 if you want info now.
5.    Suprise Guest Speaker (to be announced)
6.Be shown how to have your home provide the most desired amenities that really captures the guests attention and makes them want to stay at your home, and…
7.And last, but not least, you will enjoy Jewlia’s wonderful food creations and fun conversations with energetic like-minded people and it's all for FREE!

So, put a reminder for Sunday, April 22nd 2007 on you calendar and please RSVP to our toll-free number or my email: so we can prepare for your visit.


Judith Buck
Mobile ph: 831-212-4435

PS: We have several weeks that are almost fully booked and are really interested in working with you to find you more guests at any time that you want to have them.

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